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Dr. Sneha Chopra(Pt) is a fitness enthusiast, a marathon runner, and a value investor. Her decade experience in the Health & wellness space has made delightful customers find the secret sauce to a good life, good health, longevity and elite fitness. 

She holds a physiotherapy degree, has learned exercise mechanics and has many International certifications. She also holds certifcations in sports management, nutrition as well as group exercise therapies. 

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In Fitpiq’s Nutri-lab, we creating that perfect diet plan for you to fit your routine and bring that lifestyle change to deliver results.

Move Fit

At Move-fit, you train right, work-out hard & create that perfect fit body that you dreamt of. 

121 coaching

Our expert 121 coaching will help you achieve what you look for as a true personal coaching experience. 

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Our Founder Dr Sneha got featured with her Mother in law with Hindustan Times

"We love to flaunt what we stand for. We love to talk about our mission and spread health, happiness & healthy living wherever possible."
Dr Sneha Chopra

Got featured in Insight success as "top 100 women owning the business arena"

Fitpiq has a very unique yet scientific backed approach to helping people heal from within using principles of Calorie deficit, Detoxification and Intermittent fasting. With these methods, many of their clients have seen improvements in their health parameters like …