How Geetha regained her fitness strength and successfully fought Thyroid condition

Geetha joined just about 3 years back and she has been working out with us for more than 3 years now. Her major reason for continuing with us was the fact that she was suffering from Hypothyroid and her endocrinologist recommended her to follow a moderate workout activity at least 2-3 days in a week. 

She is a working mother a stays with her family in US. She needs to manage the family and along with the same has to take care of all the household chores too. 

Why Geetha chose Dr Sneha Chopra 

Geetha is a mathematician with JP Morgan Chase and has a job which is very hectic and very stressful. She needs to leave for work daily at 8 am and has to drop her son to school at 7 am every morning. She was looking for something that can push her to workout daily and with that she was looking for something convenient and easy to follow a routine. 

Her diet and exercise routine 

Geetha chose to workout twice a week of the days of her choice using her society gym and also made sure to take care of her daily carbohydrates intake. She was initially taking a 75mcg thyronorm tablet daily for her hypothyroid condition. In just a matter of 1 year, her medicine dosage came down to 25 mcg. The only reason why this change came was all due to her consistency that came because of the nudge created by her coach. 

Geetha believes that fitness only comes when you take baby steps. Baby steps which helps you to not feel too much burdened and thus exercise routine fit your routine easily. 

Geetha’s message to the working professionals of her age 

Many times we keep our health at stake for everything else in life. Our family, our work and children. But I think a fit mother can always take care of the family even better. Just do not hesitate to take care of your health. Just follow your instinct, follow a routine that is easy to do. Do not opt for options that are tough to manage. Opt for options that fit just right into your routine. 
This routine I bet would fit just right into your routine and you will love and fall in love with the way it will shape up in your routine. 

dr sneha chopra

Sneha is a passionate entrepreneur, who believes in frugality and minimalism. She holds her roots in spirituality. She is a fitness enthusiast, a marathon runner, holds a physiotherapy degree & nutrition is her second love after fitness. She is on a mission to help 1,00,000 people live longer, be healthier & lose weight using the ketogenic diet. She is a ketogenic diet expert and a health educator. She would like to help you in your journey of achieving great success, longevity & prosperity by improving both your internal game (mental wellness) as well as your external game (methods to achieve your weight loss goal.

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