How Anand dropped his fat percentage by just following a weekend Keto Intermittent Fasting Program

I work quite long hours and have a very hectic work routine. Because of my hectic and stressful work profile, I realized my health was getting compromised. I was always leaner and since I am taller too, I don’t generally gain a lot of weight. But this time my major struggle was my belly fat. I had gained a lot of central obesity. 

I surely needed to work towards it. I was introduced to fitpiq by one of my friends, and I was recommended a weekend keto Intermittent fasting diet. 

How diet worked for me? 

While I started tracking my daily macros intake like carbohydrates, fats, proteins & fibers.  With the help of my coach, I started understanding where was I going wrong and what I had to measure. 

Keto diet is essentially a good blend of good fats and moderate proteins with some fibers to it. I was asked to avoid carbohydrates completely from my diet. I was sticking to 2 meals in the day. 1 at 10 am in the morning and the other is at 6 pm in the evening. 

I was also following a moderate exercise routine along with it too. 


My belly size reduced by 4 inches and my fat percentage dropped from 24% to 18%. 

Advice to men of my age

I would advise all men to be sure to take care of their health and everyone should take out time out of their busy routine to make sure to either exercise or if nothing else, should know how diet’s basics work. 
As our age progresses, our body becomes slower & slower. So, therefore its good to make exercise or diet or both a part of our routine. 

dr sneha chopra

Sneha is a passionate entrepreneur, who believes in frugality and minimalism. She holds her roots in spirituality. She is a fitness enthusiast, a marathon runner, holds a physiotherapy degree & nutrition is her second love after fitness. She is on a mission to help 1,00,000 people live longer, be healthier & lose weight using the ketogenic diet. She is a ketogenic diet expert and a health educator. She would like to help you in your journey of achieving great success, longevity & prosperity by improving both your internal game (mental wellness) as well as your external game (methods to achieve your weight loss goal.

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