3 essential steps to successfully start on a keto diet

Are you struggling with the start? Thinking to start on a keto program however, don’t know what are the first steps? Here is a 3 step process for keto beginners which I have created and these steps will help you set the pace as you begin your keto weight loss journey.

What is ketogenic diet and why to start on a ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet is also called as an LCHF diet or Low Carb & High Fat diet. This diet is a proven, research-based method that will help you not only lose and shed extra stored fat but will also help you to live longer, get healthier, and improve the health of your gut.

In ketogenic diet, our body depletes all glycogen stores, as we will be keeping our total carb intake absolutely low (20-30 grams carbs per day). Therefore our body will be entering a stage of ketosis which is where the body starts to utilize stored fat and breaks it into ketones plus water.

Since ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet (70-75% of fat daily) so therefore do not confuse it with the fact that you may gain weight because you are eating more fat. More fat means, you will start losing more fat as well.

3 essentials steps to successfully follow keto diet

Remember, these steps are supposed to be followed for 2 weeks to set the foundation of your keto diet.

Step 1: Make your own diet plan

Just pick a notepad, pen, and paper. Write down every day from Monday till Sunday. Just find out a few recipe options online for keto diet. Start writing options on the paper. If you are veg for a few days, write down food options accordingly.

Initially, I will suggest you not worry about the macro break up, quantity, composition etc. Only focus on reducing carbs intake in your diet and gradually increasing fat intake. You can also make the diet plan for 7 days and then repeat the same for the next week as well.

Your diet plan should be a 5 meal diet plan which should have 3 main meals with 2 mid-meal options.

Step 2: Grocery List

Now since your diet plan for 2 weeks is ready. Now you make a grocery list for food items based on the meal options you have written. Possibly you might already have a few things stocked. So make your grocery list accordingly.

For the grocery list, remember the quantities should be sufficient for 2 weeks at least otherwise it will be easy for you to jump off the wagin and cheat with a carb meal.

I have created a list of a few food items which you can have, watch this video to know the list for you:

Step 3: Tracking

Tracking is the most important step here. This step will help you track how much you are following it correctly. You will be tracking 2 things here:

  1. Weight tracking: Tracking your weight will happen thrice in this process. Firstly as you start. Then after the first week and then after the second week on following this diet.
  2. Ketosis tracking: This step is not mandatory but will help you to know of whether your body has depleted all glycogen stores from the body and whether your body has set into ketosis or not. To track this you will need keto strips that are easily available at a chemist/local drug store. Read the instructions to follow the tracking process.

Step 4: Planner

This is an additional step that I have created to just keep your energy all-time high as well as to make sure you are following the program daily. You need to create a 14-day planner putting the start date and end date. As you start and feel that you followed the diet completely, did not cheat, and followed the program well.

Just mark the same a tick on the sheet and there you go. In case if you missed a day, just don’t worry. Follow the same process the next day and mark it the same way.

What to expect at the end of this program?

  • Expect some weight loss, maybe around 2-4 kilos (sometimes even more in case of water retention)
  • Expect your hunger to subside
  • A high energy level during the day
  • Better sleep and a good mood.

If you followed these steps and were successfully able to master this process, I will be happy to know your experience. Either write to me about it on my email id connect@snehachopra.in or use this link to DM me on messenger: https://sneha.link/fbchat

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Sneha is a passionate entrepreneur, who believes in frugality and minimalism. She holds her roots in spirituality. She is a fitness enthusiast, a marathon runner, holds a physiotherapy degree & nutrition is her second love after fitness. She is on a mission to help 1,00,000 people live longer, be healthier & lose weight using the ketogenic diet. She is a ketogenic diet expert and a health educator. She would like to help you in your journey of achieving great success, longevity & prosperity by improving both your internal game (mental wellness) as well as your external game (methods to achieve your weight loss goal.

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