How to make Low carb Keto Halwa at home in 5 mins

Ingredients :

  • Almond flour
  • Ghee or unsalted butter
  • Stevia or erythritol for sweetener
  • Cardomom powder
  • Almond flakes


Heat a nonstick pan, then add ghee and let it warm. Then add the almond flour. Saute it in medium heat until it becomes a bit brown. It takes about 5 mins.

Now when the flour turns brown and leaves ghee from the sides, slowly add the boiling water. Be careful as it sputters. Add ground cardamom powder about 1/2 tsp for good flavor. Then Saute till the water dries up, and leaves ghee. Add stevia or erythritol to taste. Stevia may have an after taste so if you are not adapted to the taste of stevia, you can use erythritol for sweetener. Mix it thoroughly.

Switch off the stove and it’s ready. Take it out in a serving bowl and decorate it with almond flakes or raw pieces of almonds.