Natural sources of multi-vitamin: Vegetable stock vs Bone broth

Do you know that there are easier ways to also fulfil you micronutrient requirement by drinking the amazing vegetable stock for vegetarians and bone broth for nonvegetarians?

Four mason jars filled with homemade vegetable broth sitting on a table.

Vegetable stock

Rich in Antioxidants, VitA, VitB complex, Zinc, VitE and Se. Vegetable options: Mushrooms, spinach, Beetroot leaves, onions, celery. bell peppers. For aromatics thyme, rosemary and oregano.

Add all above-mentioned vegetables in a saucepan and put it to boil. You can also use vegetable peels and store that in fridge to be used for stock later.

A nine photo collage. Photo 1, carrots, celery, tomato, garlic, and thyme on a cutting board. Photo 2, all the vegetables chopped. Photo 3, all the vegetables sauteing in a stock pot. Photo 4, a hand holding garlic over the pot. Photo 5, all the vegetable scraps added to the pot. photo 6, pouring water into the pot. Photo 7, adding a bay leaf to the pot. Photo 8, placing a lid on the pot. Photo 9, adding sprigs of thyme to the pot.

Saute the veggies in a large stockpot until soft; this will enhance the flavor of the broth (photo 3)! Add chopped garlic and saute for one more minute before adding the kitchen scraps to the pot along with ten cups of water

Allow the broth to simmer for 45 minutes, then add in the aromatics, such as fresh thyme, rosemary, oregano, or parsley. You can consume the stock in 2 forms. By grinding the mixture and in a thicker broth format or stain the vegetables and store the vegetable stocks in glass jars and consume them daily.

Bone Broth

Rich in magnesium, calcium, VitD, E, C and K2. Also rich in Zinc and other trace minerals. You can use chicken bones or any red meat bones like beef, lamb, goat etc.


  • If you are using raw bones, especially beef bones, it improves flavor to roast them in the oven first. I place them in a roasting pan and roast for 30 minutes at 350°F.
  • Place the bones in a large stock pot or the Instant Pot.
  • Pour cool filtered water and the vinegar over the bones. Let sit for 20-30 minutes in the cool water. The acid helps make the nutrients in the bones more available.
  • Rough chop and add the onion, carrots, and celery to the pot.
  • Add any salt, pepper, spices, or herbs, if using.

You can add salt and pepper, oregano, parsley, basil or thyme for flavors. You can also add cream to add the fat in it. Adding Apple cider vinegar with lemon can also add flavor and help you break collagen protein for better gut health. You can consume the stock /broth in 2 forms. Immediate consumption or store and use it for later.