4 different Body Types – Adrenal, Ovary, Thyroid and Liver Body type

Weight gain is just a symptom. Yes, you read it right. Have you wondered why you end up gaining weight on a specific body part like belly or hips and thighs? The reason is an underline medical condition. Your body functions are governed by certain neurohormones also known as hormones. These hormones are generated and released through certain glands in our body. They work in conjunction with each other to send signals to make our bodies function properly. If one or more glands function improperly then the circuit gets broken and the body starts to accumulate fat based on whichever gland is affected or the hormone cycle is broken.

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Based on how your body will show you signs of fat deposits, there are 4 different major classifications of body type. You can be either 1 of the types or a combination of 2 as well. Here are the 4 types listed:

Adrenal Body Type:

Adrenal Body type

Our adrenal glands are 2 in number and they lie on the upper pole of each kidney. On sectioning, the adrenal is composed of 2 distinct parts: an outer yellow-brown cortex and an inner grey medulla.

Here are the clinical features of a typical adrenal body type:

  • Chronic pain and inflammation on one or more body parts or joints
  • Fatigued and sleepy during the day and sleeplessness during the night
  • Excessive worry and stress
  • Craving for salt and cheese esp at night
  • BELLY SHAPE – Sagging belly and weight around hips as well

The Ovary Type

Ovarian Body Type

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This body type is common in females. Men, you can jump into the next body type (until you have your partner PMSing more often and you wonder why). If there is one or more associated problems related to ovaries, ovaries start to release excess estrogen. Because of excess estrogen, and excessive fat gets deposited around the lower body of a female.

Here are the clinical features of a typical Ovarian body type:

  • PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)
  • Cravings for chocolates, sugary food
  • Bloating over certain days in the month
  • Weight deposited like a saddle (love handles), hips, butts, and thighs
  • Classic lower belly bulge
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Painful cramps

Thyroid Body Type

Thyroid Body Type

Embryologically, the thyroid gland arises from the midline invagination at the root of the tongue and grows downwards in front of the trachea (windpipe). The major function of the thyroid gland is to maintain a high rate of metabolism which is done by means of iodine-containing thyroid hormones, thyroxine ( T4 ), and tri-iodothyronine( T3 ).

Here are the clinical features of a typical thyroid body type:

  • Excessive fat more evenly distributed
  • Craving for bread, cracker, rice or cakes at night
  • Poor vitamins absorption
  • Cold feet
  • Thinning of hair and hair loss
  • Loose skin around the arm area

Liver Body Type

Liver Body Type

The liver is the largest organ in the human body. The Liver is the main organ for infiltration. When the liver gets damaged over the years, toxins that are normally filtered out can recirculate through the body. When damaged, the liver causes a potbelly appearance. This protruding abdomen is not always fat, it could be fluid (ascites).

Here are the clinical features of a typical thyroid body type:

  • Protruding stomach – pot belly
  • Stiffness in the right shoulder
  • Arthritis or bad skin
  • Yellow spots around the inner eye or back of the hand
  • Cravings for fatty or fried food
  • Frequent burping and belching

Do you relate to any of these body types? If yes, then leave a comment below.